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After her third layoff in a row, Christine decided to focus all of her energy into what she did best — stubbornly beat the odds. Being independent entrepreneurs had always been a dream of her and her husband, Jim. However now it seemed more like a practical alternative rather than a mere fantasy.

Christine drew heavily on her years of experience in corporate design and marketing and began networking to grow a customer base for their company. Jim also was able to contribute his skills as an illustrator and web designer on projects that required skills in multiple disciplines. 

WrightBrain Design grew and in time was able add the initials “LLC” by it’s name. Jim left his full-time job as a corporate designer to join the company and the adventure began. Now these “Design Ronin” (don’t call them freelancers) are ready to help you to grow and develop YOUR company with their design skills and advertising and marketing experience. Whether it is designing a logo, developing your corporate identity or coordinating a multifaceted project, WrightBrain can assist you in all things from pixels to print.

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So what makes different from most other graphic designers out there? What makes us the smart choice?

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Hiring consultants in any field can be tricky. How do you utilize them efficiently? Let us give you some tips.

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