Branding, Part 1 — The Basics and Your Logo

Branding is one of those funny subjects that most people have an idea of what it is, but few truly understand how it works.

In short, your brand is the pattern that establishes your company's identity.

So it's more than a logo.

Brand is more than a color palette.

It's more than a tag line.

Your brand is all of the above and far more.

So how to you, the business owner, marketing manager and company guru ensure that your brand is maintained?

The first step is to determine if you even have one, and if you do, figure out if you are being true to it. So how do you know? Let's start with...

Your Logo

Your logo is the core of your brand. So ask yourself a few questions:

1. Do we have a logo?

2. Are the logo colors consistent?

3. Are the logo fonts consistent?

4. Does the logo appear in a predictable way on all our materials?

5. Do we have a logo file that will reproduce reliably on just about anything?

You should answer confidently "yes" to all five questions. If not, you need to find a way to answer "yes" in order to establish, maintain and or strengthen your brand.

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