Building Your Brand Part 3, Pen to Paper and Implement!

So you've mapped out your company's solar system... or brought to tears with the onion model. Either way, you've more or less defined the elements of your brand.

What now?

Now it's time to write it all down in an brand standards manual. It can be a simple as a couple of pages of "this is the logo, here are the colors and the fonts that we used." Or — it can be as extensive to the point where it includes diagrams for logo placement on everything from trucks to wardrobes, lists of approved soundbites and smells.

Either way, no matter how long or how short it is, it should function as a manual that anyone in the company can pickup and see how the company's brand should (and sometimes should not) be represented.

And better still, it should be a manual that can be handed to any outside consultant (graphic, marketing or otherwise) so that they can either advise you in ways that can either compliment your brand, or even give you insights in ways that you can strengthen and improve the visibility of your company's brand.

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