Building Your Brand, Part 4 – Your Library

So your logo is settled, your solar system (or onion) is constructed, your manual is in place. What now?

Now you need to think about collecting your resources and building your library.

So where to build it? There are a couple of good options.

For one, you can place it on a backed up server or desktop computer. And yes, BACKED UP. Not that any business should be running with out back-ups even to begin with, so a backed up computer of any sort isn't a bad idea. And yes, back up... EVERYTHING. (If you don't have a back up system in place, contact us and we can refer to you a couple of good vendors and IT companies.)

Another option would be storing a folder on your web server. This would be a reasonably secure option, and ... it would be backed up.

And yet a third option would be utilizing a secure cloud service.

What's the common theme here? You're not relying on a medium that is likely to become outmoded quickly, and you have a recovery option should something go wrong. A big part of protecting your brand is protecting your critical files (not to mention protecting your business in general).

So now, what should be a part of your branding library?

Your logo...

In short, you should have it. It sounds like an obvious thing, but you'd be amazed how often I'd have a client who either never got their logo from their designer, OR they have it, but have no idea where it is. (Or its on a floppy disk from 1992.)

You should have every variation of your logo in the following formats:

  • Print (CMYK), in vector (.ai, .eps, .pdf)
  • Print (Spot Color), in vector (.ai, .eps, .pdf)
  • Web, Word & Powerpoint (RGB Color), raster in a range of sizes (.jpg, .png)
  • Bonus formats (RGB and CMYK) would be Photoshop and TIF files

Why? These formats and color modes more or less cover every possible way that your logo will need to be created. Any designer or print vendor would be thrilled to know that you've got them available ready to use?

Your branding guide...

It's your rule book, the whole purpose of writing it is to give it out so that everyone knows how you want your brand represented. It should be one of the first things you hand any marketer, advertiser, designer and vendor.

Your professional portraits...

You and your principals should have at least one, high resolution, professional portrait on hand digitally. These come in handy for articles, engagement or presentation promotions and other instances when you, yourself, are going to be the public representation of your brand.

Your already printed/produced files...

EVERY time something gets printed or produced, you should have a copy of the vendor-ready file stored. If for some reason the person who produced it goes out of business or otherwise disappears, you've got an excellent place to start from to either do a straight reprint or revision.

Just contact us and we'd love to clear things up!