Why WrightBrain is the Right Brain...

There Brain_only.pngare lots of graphic designers. Lots. And some of them will charge next to nothing to get your project. So why would you hire Wrightbrain? What makes us different?

Combined 30+ years of experience. Since ’95 (Jim) and ’97 (Christine) we’ve been working in the graphic design industry. Not just as designers, but also “in the trenches” as production artists. We’ve been in our vendor’s shoes, tasked with taking poorly executed (and sometimes designed) files and making them work. In the process we’ve learned — and invented — tricks and techniques to make almost any file print with a decent amount of quality and accuracy.

So how does that translate to you?  Not only will you get high-end design and illustration, but you will get the very best production work. Our vendors know it, and they will sometimes give us a break and spare us expensive desktop and production fees — savings that we pass on to you.

More than money, you’ll also save on time. Experience not only enables us to design quickly, but it also means that we can have the file finished more quickly with accuracy, saving you money.

Curiosity may have done the cat a bad turn, but in this industry it’s essential. We don’t rest on our laurels. We’re both always learning new techniques, technologies and methods. Challenges are fun, and we don’t back down from them!

So when you’re considering who to send your project to, consider Wrightbrain Design for a smart art solution.